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Welcome to Covenant
Covenant was originally started in May of 2011 to be a private Kinship for Perredivh's personal characters and a few personal friends. Recently Covenant has decided to open it's doors to host a larger Kinship. Perredivh's dream is to build a Large Kinship that hosts an array of taste and talent. We hope to see our Kin Chat rolling with stories and laughter, while the skirmming enthusiasts can always scrummage up a group at will. Hope to see you there soon :)

Guild News

Covenant Tests Ventrillo Voice Chat

Perredivh, Jul 13, 12 2:13 PM.
Covenant has recently purchased a Ventrilo Voice Chat Server subscription for 3 months. I have noticed that many players are asking for a third party chat system when considering joining our ranks, and thought this would add to our tools for recruitment, as well as give a home to where we can all chat easier, and worry less about missing those text chats. This is a test, and if it is welcomed and found useful, I will continue to purchase subscription time for our members to use.

The subscription will allow upto 10 members in chat at a given time. If a time calls that we need more room, send a mail or message to Perredivh or in game to one of his characters.

Server details can be found on it's own page under the Information tab on the left side of the main kinship web page. Password has been set to help deter spammers and unwelcomed guests. Contact an Perredivh or an officer for the password.

Enjoy our new Toy!

Welcome to Covenant Hilewe

Perredivh, Jun 30, 12 1:14 PM.
I'd like to welcome our newest member, Hilewe, to Covenant.

In another eon ago, some of us were with another kinship called 'Order of Saphron'. An old friend of ours from this kinship has decided to join our ranks and help us defeat the evil that is plaguing our lands.

Welcome aboard Hilewe, I do hope you enjoy our company here, as we had enjoyed yours in Saphron.

p.s. He plays a mean lute to boot!

Welcome to Covenant Alessan

Perredivh, Jun 6, 12 4:55 PM.
I'd like to Welcome our newest member and officer, Alessan to Covenant.

Actually Alessan has been with us for spell longer than most under one of his various alts. However with Alessan being their main character, I thought it appropriate to officially welcome all his characters to our Kinship. Alessan, Galawien, Garrettjaxx, and I go back to a former kinship when the world of Eriador seemed to be a much more innocent and happy place. His experience fighting orcs, wargs and many of the other evil elements that face our brave world will grace us with a another new form.

Welcome to your new home Alessan, I hope everyone is happy to have you here, as I.


Kin Group Events (KGE)

Perredivh, Jun 4, 12 9:40 PM.
Covenant has recently instituted Kin Group Events, where members of all levels and skills may join in our weekly adventures. These Events are meant to be a mix of new and expreinced members, to help provide and teach the fundamentals of the game, as well as character classes. Wyman will oversee these events until another officer is assigned this task. Due to Perredivh's tilted real life work schedule, these events will take place on Sunday one week, and Wednesday the following. Our calendar should be updated for the next event. These events will vary depending on attending members needs.
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